Installing a commercial solar power system is a great solution for businesses facing high electricity costs and seemingly infinite price rises from retailers.

We will provide you with a fully customised proposal taking into account your electricity usage patterns, your business profile and current and future electricity tariffs. Your unique proposal will outline how a Swan Solar system can provide you with great financial outcomes including:

  • Great return on investment including pay-back period and yield calculations
  • Controlled ongoing business costs
  • Zero upfront capital outlay options
  • Cash flow positive options

In many cases we are able to arrange finance for your Solar system and the finance repayments are less than the savings you are getting from the system. This has great benefits for monthly cash flow and at tax time. See our Business Case Scenario Below.

Business Case Scenario

Average Monthly Electricity Bill $4,000
Average Monthly Solar System Electricity Savings $2,000
Monthly Finance Repayments ($1,000)
Monthly Savings $1,000

The Company had an immediate $1,000/month reduction in their expenses and after a period of time, the solar system was fully paid and the Company now enjoys savings of over $2,000 per month. That’s smart business!

Still Great for Landlords

Businesses have an ever increasing pressure to be “carbon neutral”. One of the main ways businesses do this is by having energy efficient buildings and offices. Having solar power installed on your commercial premises (or even doing a solar joint venture with your tenant) can provide a win-win position for both you and your tenant.



Increased rental, tenant retention and tax time savings are great reasons to install commercial solar on your property.

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