About Us

Swan Solar is all about cost efficient energy solutions for both our commercial and residential customers. We have a quality first approach to the products we use and our Clean Energy Council approved designers and installers will ensure the system we recommend you will be the most suitable for your needs, without costing the earth.

We have a no-pressure approach to sales, ensuring our clients are fully informed of the costs and benefits of switching to solar before reaching an investment decision.

Why switch to Solar?

Installing solar has two major benefits – economic and environmental.

Economically, installing Solar is insurance against rising electricity prices charged by your retailer. The Government currently provides generous incentives to install solar in both the commercial and residential markets. In fact, from a pure investment point of view you will be hard pressed to find a better investment, with Solar capable of delivering returns on investment of over 30%pa.

Environmentally, the shift to clean energy is happening all around the world. The major developed countries all have clean energy targets to reduce the global reliance on fossil fuels. Whilst your install may be more financially motivated, we know you’ll be left with the feeling that you’ve done your bit for the planet.

Are the government rebates still available?

Government incentives provide thousands of dollars toward the cost of renewable energy systems, including Solar. Now is a great time to install Solar.

How much can I save on my electricity bills?

The general rule of thumb is you can generate a daily average of 4.2 units for each KW you install. For example, if you install a 5KW system, you can expect to generate 21 units per day (average) or nearly 7700 units per year. How much you can save comes down to your habits for electricity usage and getting the most from your system.

Our sales staff will guide you through the returns you can expect and how best to maximise your investment.

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