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Residential – Swan Solar


Our residential solar systems are designed with the goal of reducing your electricity expenses. The ever increasing price of electricity makes this a wise investment that will help you manage your home budget and will also add capital value to your home in the event you do sell one day.

Here’s a quick guide to what you may expect to install based on your current electricity bills:

Approx. Annual Electricity Bills System Size Number of Panels
$800 1.5KW 6 x 250w
$1,600 3.0KW 12 x 250w
$2,500 5.0KW 20 x 250w

There are other system sizes of 2.0KW and 4.0KW that are available and may be more suitable to your needs. If you are spending more than $2,500 per year on electricity bills, a bigger system may suit your needs.

Our sales staff will help guide you to the right product for your home and electricity usage needs.

Great for Landlords!

Looking for that competitive advantage for your investment property in today’s tough real estate market?

Adding a solar system to your rental property can be a great incentive for tenants, knowing they will have reduced electricity bills while they are your tenant.

The cost of the system can be financed and paid for by the tenant’s rent and depreciated at tax time to reduce the cost of the system to your back pocket.

What about battery storage?

Battery storage may be suitable for you if you have high electricity usage habits at night time when your solar panels are not generating electricity. However, we often find changing your electricity usage habits by using high consumption products during the day as opposed to at night, like the dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer etc is a more cost effective solution.

Battery storage is still relatively expensive; however the industry expects battery prices to reduce significantly over the next two years which may change their suitability for the average household. There are no Government rebates specifically for this component of a solar installation.

If you are interested in the benefits of battery storage our sales staff can give you more information.

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